If you are currently suffering from domestic violence (DV) there is a wealth of resources and information for you out there. But be careful. Look at them when you feel safe and get rid of your internet history. If you were in a DV relationship there is also so much to help. Most of the following is currently specific to Australia but I will attempt to update with international links when I can.

1800 RESPECT. An excellent hotline for people currently in a DV situation who need help, as well as offering counselling for those who are safe but are having a low moment and need to talk to someone who understands the specific trauma of DV or sexual abuse. I’ve used the counselling service and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Other DV hotlines.

Relationships Australia offers excellent courses for both survivors and abusers. Programs differ depending on what state you live in.

White Ribbon Australia offers services, information and advocacy. If you see people selling white ribbons and armbands they are White Ribbon folks raising money and awareness of DV.

Support services by state.

Lifeline. Never be ashamed to reach out if you are suicidal or struggling to cope.

Lundy Bancroft, author of my favourite book on DV, has a website with interesting articles.

Blame changers. A book about DV specific to Australia.

A list of links specific for male victims and survivors of DV.

Legal Aid offers legal advice to DV survivors. Women I know have had mixed experiences with these guys so be mindful and educate yourself as much as possible beforehand if you need to use them.

Anglicare offers courses and resources for DV survivors. Services differ by state so you might have to find the Anglicare website in your state and follow the links.

More and more is being understood about narcissism and narcissistic abuse. One website with a lot of information is Thrive After Abuse.

Loving the Self-Absorbed. A book about destructive narcissists recommended by my clinical psychologist who specialises in narcissism and narcissistic abuse.

The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern by Nina W. Brown. If you’re interested in narcissistic abuse it’s important to understand that narcissism exists on a scale from healthy to destructive or malignant. Nina W. Brown is considered an expert in destructive narcissism.

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