This is an anonymous blog about my experiences with a certain type of domestic violence. My abuser was my husband and he was able to control and terrify me without ever raising his voice, calling me names or physically assaulting me. I had no idea I was even being abused and internalised it all, eventually ending up in a psychiatric hospital.

Although I am a straight woman, I believe my story can be helpful to people of all genders and sexual orientations who are experiencing very subtle domestic violence, any kind of domestic violence, or anyone just interested in the subject.

I should note that I have a writing style some may not like. I write from the heart and I love a good simile and can fall easily into poetic language. It’s a style of writing my ex-husband would have found indulgent and a bit ridiculous so I’m not going to hold back on it 🙂

Some places, details and dates have been changed to keep my identity secret. If you have guessed who I am please don’t say so in the comments section. I need to protect myself and my family, and without being able to go into why, I assure you I need to remain anonymous to do so.

If you are a victim of domestic violence I wish you strength, love, joy and safety on your journey out of hell and into the roaring glory of rediscovering, or discovering for the first time, how unbelievably amazing you are.

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